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Helping you make smarter financial decisions to achieve your goals for now and into the future.

Financially Free, Stress Free

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My name is Melanie

I have a wealth of business, tax, ACC, property investment and body corporate knowledge of 30+ years. 


As a Financial Adviser, I help my clients reduce their tax where possible, assist in increasing their wealth with investments/properties and help them protect their most prized possessions & loved ones.


Let me help you plan for your future by making smarter financial decisions, debt reduction and wealth creation for your financial freedom.

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My Promise to you!


It is all about you and/or your family and what you want to achieve, taking into account your goals, your personal situation, or your specific needs you value most in life.  Looking now and into the future.


There are thousands of options but finding the best option that suits you and your family, your relationship with money, and how much money and time you've got, will help determine the options that best fit with your goals, values, and specific needs for the future.


Now that I've listened and analysed, it's all about presenting you the best options in a way that makes sense to you and in a way that you can understand and follow. Simplifying things also includes holding your hand now and into the future to ensure everything remains simple and relevant to achieve your desired outcomes for you, your family and future generations.


Before coming to me, 32 year old Julie had bought her first home but was going to be in debt for the next 30 years trying to pay it off. The debt caused a lot of anxiety and made Julie physically uncomfortable, making it hard to get any sleep.


After coming to me and allowing me to help, Julie sleeps great at night knowing she has a plan in place which is on track to take her mortgage down from 30 years to 18! She has no more anxiety around her debt and will get away from the rising interest rates.

Before and After coming to me

Worried about your future and retirement?

Have no idea how much you can borrow for a home?

Worried you won't achieve your goals?

How I Can Help

I holistically look at everything to provide you with the best advice. FoxPlan is a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs - tax, ACC, business review, property & property lending, lifestage plans, investments etc.

Highly recommend going to speak to Melanie! She is wonderfully empathetic and insightful. It’s obvious she cares highly about her clients future with the wonderful advice she provides to help build my financial future!

Jasmine Jarvis

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